Yo. We're a cute basement cocktail bar just above Soho, with neon that usually works and not one but two pinatas. Any questions?


Screw Screw Screw Screw

Making a Murder

We’ve been running cocktail bars a good while, and we’re getting the hang of it, so this is how we plan to go - great drinks, not over-complicated but with that spark of intrigue. Inexpensive, but not short-poured. An outrageously experienced team who still actually enjoy their jobs. A bar that’s sexy in a way that can only bespeak beauty and filth combining in harmony.

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The Family

They’re a bunch of heroes - see below for notable achievements. Sure, we’ve won a bunch of cocktail competitions and stuff, but who cares about that?

Cocktail Masterclasses

Cocktail masterclasses are great, right? Sure…sometimes. In short, we think that classes which teach you one or two specific drinks you’re clearly never making again are bullshit. The good news, though, is that when you’ve been making cocktails a loooong time, you’ll start to see the rules, the basic hoops to jump through to make things taste good. So that’s what we teach, and it's a lot of fun. BUT - Murder's a real small spot, hence why we basically built a space up the road specifically for classes - she's on top of the Royal Cocktail Exchange (5 mins away), and you can learn more about her classes here.


Find Us // Doing Time

    Our little cocktail bar is just off Oxford Circus, between Soho and Fitzrovia.
    • Monday - Thursday:

      5pm - 12am

    • Friday & Saturday:

      5pm - 2am

    • Sunday:

      CLOSED (for now)

Book Now

Alrighty, couple things - first, we don't take bookings for that night once we've opened - just rock on up. Second, if you're booking a large group or later than 9pm, fire us an email. Third, the system assigns a 2hrs standard duration, just put in ya notes if you want longer! Finally, if we're looking full (especially once we're into October when we'll no longer be doing weekend bookings), just head here - our newest, Royal Cocktail Exchange, is 5 minutes up the road, and awesome - sexy downstairs, light and breezy upstairs spritzy area with outdoors...