It ain’t easy finding a neighbourhood cocktail bar in Soho, but hey - here we are.


Screw Screw Screw Screw

Making a Murder

We’ve been running bars a good while, and we’re getting the hang of it, so this is how we plan to go - great drinks, not over-complicated but with that spark of intrigue. Inexpensive, but not short-poured. An outrageously experienced team who still actually enjoy their jobs. A space that’s sexy in a way that can only bespeak beauty and filth combining in harmony. Oh, and no bookings. Fuck that.

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The Family

They’re a bunch of heroes - see below for notable achievements. Sure, we’ve won a bunch of competitions and stuff, but who cares about that?

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail masterclasses are great, right? Sure…sometimes. In short, we think that classes which teach you one or two specific drinks you’re clearly never making again are bullshit. The good news, though, is that when you’ve been making cocktails a loooong time, you’ll start to see the rules, the basic hoops to jump through to make things taste good. So that’s what we teach. Classes are £35/head, last for roughly 90 minutes (depending on group size), and feature a damn fine amount of booze and laughs.

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Find Us // Doing Time

    • Monday - Wednesday:

      4:30pm - Midnight

    • Thursday - Saturday:

      ’Til 2am

    • Sunday


Feel free to reach out on the number at the top, but:

  • Sorry, no reservations! We’re dead simple; just come along. It’s Soho, so there’s always somewhere else to go if we’re jammed.

  • Due to our license, we have to ID literally everyone who comes by - have it with you, or be sad inside.

  • We’re the A-team when it comes to service, but it means we’re busy. So if we don’t make it to the phone on the time, well…soz.